Employee benefits

Our human resources philosophy


ANT is committed to providing leadership and direction to its employees through the development and support of policies and procedures that contribute to an individual’s personal and professional growth, and to overall internal equity.

We strive to foster an environment based on respect for individuals, recognizing that this type of atmosphere contributes to overall cooperation and teamwork. ANT further supports this philosophy with the following:

  • Employment and related decisions at ANT are determined by ability and performance
  • Providing a flexible, productive working environment
  • Encouraging relationships based on trust, courtesy, and mutual respect
  • Valuing each employee for the particular knowledge and skills he or she contributes to the company
  • Supporting the continuous development of individuals through lifelong learning
  • Promoting employee involvement in meeting the challenges of a growing and changing market
  • Working together to make ANT successful

Training and Development

We have invested in our company by continuously improving the working skills and performance of our employees through a rigorous and professional training system.

Our HR Department is responsible for handling our comprehensive training program in conjunction with each of our functional departments. For new employees, ANT provides an extensive orientation program; including a series of training courses on corporate culture, operation instructions, product knowledge, and product development standards.

To ensure that every new employee meets our skill requirements, our training programs vary between 1 to 6 months in length, based on the working position. The in-service training program includes management and technical skill training. Based on vocational qualification standards, we create training plans, as well as provide support for the career development of all of our employees.

Performance and Rewards

ANT rewards its employees based on their contributions rather than their degree, experience, seniority or title.

Our performance management is result-oriented. Managers are responsible for helping staff to improve their performance and capability through continuously setting goals, coaching, appraising and communication.

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