Over 14 Years of Constant Growth and Continuous Improvements

Over the years since ANT’s founding in 1999, by focusing on the highest quality standards, ANT has been able to form partnerships with many international customers and grow as a company.

Year Short overview
1999 Development and production of connectors for mobile phone accessories
2000 Production and delivery of complete wire harnesses
2001 Supply of services for plastic tooling and metal stamping
2002 Start of design service for connectors, wire harnesses and plastic housings
2003 Transfer of production site to Dongguan, China
First delivery of complete assembled and tested PCBs
2004 Delivery of complete modules: mechanical, electronic, and cables
2005 Start of new factory expansion plan in Dongguan, China
2006 ANT obtains TS 16949 certification
2007 Opening of second factory in China
2008 Implementation of KPI management system
2009 Development and production of extremely thin micro coaxial cable
2010 Set up office in Shanghai
2011 ANT obtains QC 080000 certificate
2012 IPO (Initial public offer) in Taiwan
2013 Entry into American automotive market

Quality Roadmap

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Technology Roadmap

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