Product philosophy

Advanced ideas and technical improvements.

It is not always necessary to start from scratch.
We start with having a detailed look on existing products and then turn them into something better, to make the products more efficient and therefore to add more value and reduce the costs.
In close cooperation with our customers and with a focus on products requirements, we improve existing standard products while simultaneously developing future oriented and innovative solutions.

Dedicated to product improvement, ANT provides a broad engineering capability:

  • Specification and design analysis
  • Functional analysis of customer´s demands – required and non-required features
  • Create new ideas and form a concept
  • Patent research
  • Design improvement
  • Add new functions and features

Customer requirements

Today high technical requirements takes on an increasingly significant role. Especially for applications in Smartphones, Notebooks and Tablet-PCs.

  • Thinner, smaller and lighter
  • High-speed
  • High-frequency
  • More features
  • Minimizing costs and the same time

We meet these high standards and offer high-quality technology for smart solutions

  • Reliability in high-volume production, especially for fine-pitch, low-profile and ultra-low-profile connectors
  • Connector and cable total solution
  • Technology integration
  • Process optimization and streamline production


Connector detail

LVDS cable

Individual solution

iPhone connector for mobile-phone cradle