Competitive edge

ANT is your partner for success.

Our components portfolio and services create extensive value for our customers by providing complete solutions. We give our customers a competitive advantage by developing key components in-house, such as cables and connectors, and combining technologies, to reduce supplier costs.

Precision tooling

ANT´s core competence is based on precision tooling to develop stamping, injection and automatic production to achieve competitive products to satisfy our customer´s requests simultaneously.

Individual solutions at competitive prices.

In addition to providing high quality connectors, cables and wire harnesses, ANT provides a number of services to our customers to help them improve supply management and gain a competitive advantage:

  • On-time delivery
  • Efficient utilization of production capacity
  • Excellent Team spirit and cooperation
  • Professional staff and management
  • Lower unit costs
  • Lower tool and equipment costs

Our production capacity offers substantial advantages and an ideal way to complement your own production operations:

  • Specialist in combining technologies
  • Automatic production
  • High-precision tooling department
  • Flexible production
  • Efficient utilization of production capacity

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ANT your reliable partner

Precision tooling

Customized connectors