Automatic production

Cost-effective products through high-volume.

In order to offer the best solution, ANT is not only specialized in handmade manufacturing, but above all, full automation.

The self-designed assembly machines guarantee reproducible quality for high-volume production of connectors and electronic modules – at an absolutely competitive price.

Connector automatic production lines

Our capacity per month is over 30.000.000 pieces of different connectors.

Connector automatic machine line

  • Automatic assembly process
  • Automatic CCD inspection

We guarantee precision work for your products.

We will turn your concepts into reality on state-of-the-art automatic production lines. When it comes to starting production, we work with you from the outset and approve products for series production according to precisely defined production standards.

After all, the start of series production is where a company´s abilities – and those of it´s employees – really shine.

Automatic assembly machines

Automatic CCD inspection

Automatic packing process