Customized Connectors

Connector Portfolio


From standard products that meet key industry requirements to innovative and customized solutions that utilize the latest advances in interconnect technology, our connectors are integral to the modern high-tech world.

Major types of connectors produced

  • Industrial board-to-board connectors
  • Printer Connectors
  • Battery connectors
  • Antenna connectors
  • Coaxial connectors
  • Cartridge connectors
  • Mobile phone connectors

SATA series

  • ODD SATA connectors
  • HDD SATA connectors
  • Mini SATA connectors
  • Micro SATA connectors

Card connectors

  • T-Flash
  • SIM card
  • SD card

Input / Output connectors

  • HDMI
  • DisplayPort
  • USB, Micro USB, USB 3.0
  • eSATA

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Customized connectors

SATA series

Card connectors

I/O connectors