Wire Harnesses

Wire Harness Portfolio


Our flexible design and manufacturing capabilities allows us to provide customized cable solutions for industry standard applications and complete wire harnesses for automotive solutions.

Customized Cables

  • USB and Mini USB cables
  • HDMI cables
  • Mobile phone I/O cables
  • LAN cables
  • 12V car plug charging cables for mobile phones and GPS-systems

Automotive Cable Assemblies

  • System cables for hands-free car kits
  • Cables for automobile infotainment systems
  • Antenna, HF, and coaxial cables
  • Power cables and cords
  • Cables accessories for handheld transceivers
  • Patch antennas
  • FPC & RF cable assemblies

Notebook Cable Assemblies

  • HDD, ODD, Micro, Mini, and Nero HDD SATA cables
  • DC jack cables
  • LVDS cables

Please contact our sales department for more information and our complete product portfolio.

Cables for notebooks


Automotive cable assembly

FPC&RF cable assemblies

Notebook cable assembly