Automatic Production

Efficient Production Through Automation

In order to offer the best solution, ANT is not only specialized in handmade manufacturing, but above all, full automation. Full automation offers considerable advantages over traditional production lines.

Stable cost

In a constantly changing market, automation keeps production costs low and unaffected by rising labor costs.

High quality

Regardless of training and experience, it is still impossible to completely eliminate the possibility of human error from a traditional production line. Fully-automated production lines remove this possibility, and guarantee stable, high quality production.

High capacity

Our fully-automated production lines have the advantage of having a much higher production capacity than normal production lines. This leads to a reduced lead time and the possibility of higher volume production.

Our current capacity on our automated connector production lines is over 30,000,000 pieces per month.

Advanced automation technology

Fully-automated production is the most advanced service that ANT offers. Currently, we are operating fully automated connector production lines with the following two processes:

  • Automatic assembly process
  • Automatic CCD inspection

Guaranteed precision work

We will work with you to turn your concepts into reality on our state-of-the-art automatic production lines.

Automatic Production 3

Automatic Production 2

Automatic Production 1