Research, Design, and Development

The R&D department of ANT develops customized connectors and wire harnesses according to customer specifications.

Our targets in designing new products with our customers are:

  • Cutting costs
  • Improving features and performance
  • Adding new functions

We work in close collaboration with out patent division to avoid any itellectual property infringement and to see which solutions are available to us.

In-house development and design

Keeping our design and development in-house provides ANT with the ability to work closely with our customes to ensure that their demands are met in the design of:

  • Connectors and cables
  • Tooling
  • Automatic assembly lines and fixtures

Fast design and rapid prototype availability

Our high-speed design and prototyping abilities help to reduce the overall time between product conception and mass production. ANT uses all of its resources to quickly and efficiently create new designs and prototypes:

  • Customer design and joint development
  • Professional design centers in Taiwan and China
  • Professional intellectual property center in Taiwan
  • Verification of design with customer
  • Experienced teamwork with customer
  • Rapid prototyping of samples in China

Using the latest 2D / 3D CAD software

In a field that is constantly becoming more complex, ANT realizes the importance of staying on the cutting edge, and thus makes use of the latest engineering software:

  • 3D design: Pro-E, Solidworks, CAD
  • Mold flow analysis system: Moldex3D
  • Cosmos stress analysis

R&D department

Mold flow and Cosmos stress analysis system

R&D department

R&D department

Section of ANT´s R&D department in factory two.