Using Advanced Technology for High Quality Production

Automatic production

Using the latest technology, fully-automated production ensures high precision and reliability in combination with with cost-effectiveness and manufacturing efficiency. See more about automatic production.

Injection molding department

ANT has a strong background in the production of many different types of housings including cradles, phone connectors, and computer connectors.

  • 0.40 mm pitch
  • Hot-runner process

Insert molding department

Developed by ANT in 2003, customized tooling is used to mold plastic directly onto pre-stamped material. This provides the advantage of manufacturing more reliable products while requiring less labor to produce them.

  • 24 hour operation

Stamping die department

We have signifcant experience in the production of many different contacts for connectors in the computer and mobile phone industry. Video check systems with online automatic CCD inspection guarantee maximum quality control.

  • 24 hour operation
  • Online automatic CCD inspection
  • Terminal production: 10,000,000 pieces per day
  • Shield production: 1,000,000 pieces per day

Wire harness production lines

ANT is highly experienced in the production of many different wire harnesses, PCB assemblies, mobile phone accessories, and computer cables.

  • Automatic solder joint machines
  • Automatic soldering
  • Automatic laser stripping
  • Automatic point tin process
  • Automatic welding machine

Injection molding

Insert molding

Stamping die

Cable assembly lines

Automatic point tin process and automatic welding machine